What Would I Change?

So now that we’ve discussed certain forms of media and platforms out there today and how they have their benefits and their not so benefits here at Modern Media I think I can start talking about some things that I would maybe do differently if I had it my way.

Peer Review?

In an attempt to make things less biased and more based on facts for viewers and not just opinions when it comes to more serious news stories such as politics, I think it would be awesome if news channels or websites had to submit their stories to a small panel for a quick peer review, kind of like what credible and legitimate scientists and psychologists have to do before their research is published. The peers would have to consist of people who have gone through some sort of training or have a lot of credibility when it comes to seeing facts and distinguishing biases.

I guess something like this would be next to impossible to do for news channels on TV because most of the stories that are aired are almost immediately following what actually happened. But for things like newspapers or for stories that have been in the works for a long time I think having a panel of professionals quickly review the piece would have a tremendous positive impact on far as credibility goes with the news.

This is just me throwing ideas out there, I really haven’t thought about too many details into this thing. Who knows how applicable it could actually be in the real world but hey at least I’m trying, right?

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