Trump Who?

Here is a face that is now very well known around the world and for some reason, he is still around. Since I talked a little bit about liberal bias on my last one I thought I might try and be fair and do one on the more conservative side.

Can He Be This Bad?

This might be a double edge sword (if that’s even the right phrase) but I kind of think that the major news outlets all have to be a little bias whenever they bring up Trump’s name. Let’s face it, love him or hate him he is entertaining to watch and I think he creates ratings for these news stations and networks.

I think I have made it pretty obvious at this point that I here at Modern Media tend to lean more on the liberal side of the spectrum. That being said, this might sound arrogant of me to say but I think Trump is so absolutely stupid that there is no way he has gotten to the point that he is at. I just refuse to believe that this man is as dumb as everything I have seen on TV.

I don’t really think there is any context that could be mixed up with a lot of what he says and I just refuse to believe he is as crazy as he is.

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