Pessimist In Me

As much as I would love to believe something like having a peer review board would help eliminate some of the bias that we are seeing far too often in today’s media, I like to consider myself realistic here at Modern Media. When I really think about about having something like that put in place my brain just immediately starts thinking of how inevitable it would be before the board started getting paid off by big corporations and the whole thing would just be a waste of time.

I really need to work on my attitude sometimes…

It Is What It Is I Guess

Even though I like to act as though I steer clear and avoid certain media outlets today I have to be honest with my readers. I am pretty guilty of watching them all and I just can’t help it. Things like click bait gets me all the time and even though I have talked about how much I hate certain stations like Fox News, I find myself watching them and checking out their websites almost every day. The reasons I watch them might be different from others, but I do watch it and find some form of entertainment from them.

So I guess as a whole, we really have to take the good with the bad as far as media outlets and certain ways that we get our voices heard go. Remember these guys?

Little companies like this wouldn’t stand a chance if it weren’t for the ease of getting information out to the public these days. I would much rather have these circumstances than them not having a chance at all.

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