More Positivity

Now that I have started talking a little bit about some of the benefits of today’s media outlets I figured I would try and keep this little positive gravy train rolling with this one.

Gives The Little Guy A Chance

What I really love about the accessibility of media today and advertising in particular, is that smaller and local businesses actually have a chance at getting their name out there. Now that we have the internet, Facebook, Google, and every other thing that people go to everyday, family owned businesses are actually getting a shot to make a name for themselves.

Watch this video for example:

So this obviously isn’t some big roofing corporation and from what I can tell they are probably a smaller family owned business trying to make it. With something as accessible and easy to use as YouTube giving people a chance to have their video or whatever it may be they want seen by millions of people is a great thing.

On The Other Hand…

This easy access obviously has its downsides to it as well. Even though I am sure the majority of people use this access for good, there are definitely a lot of people who abuse this and sometimes even for evil things.

ISIS, for a horrific example, uses Twitter and other social media accounts to spread their hatred and down right stupidity around the globe which I don’t need to explain why is a bad thing.

But like everything in this world, we have to take the good with the bad and Modern Media Outlets are no exception.

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