Hey everyone and welcome to ModernMedia!

That’s me. I am on the right of course :)

My name is Luke and I am a 24 year old college graduate working as an editor for a newspaper in my small home town. I have always been interested in media and especially the way different media outlets portray stories is such different ways depending on political views or agendas.

I am going to try and make this page as un-biased as I can but anytime I do I will give you a fair warning so it is fair game. If I start talking about things on here that you don’t agree with I encourage you to stick around and maybe get some discussion going but if you immediately get angry and start just calling me names and swearing then maybe this page isn’t for you.

I definitely consider myself a liberal and I will probably trash republican and conservative views on here, especially when it comes to their media outlets but here I am giving you a warning so if you find anything like that offensive it might be best if you move on.

Thanks for checking this page out and I hope I can get a few people interested. If you need to reach me then go here.