The more I think and write about bias and things of that nature in today’s modern media sources the angrier I become. People rely on news stations and different channels as their resources to what is going on in the world and it is extremely important. Whether it is intentional or not, news casters or anchors are doing an enormous disservice to the American people by having any sort of bias opinion when reporting on stories.

Selecting Stories

I think a huge problem that we see a lot today is simply whether or not a news station chooses to air a story at all.

I have seen this occur very often recently and especially in regards to the current presidential race that is going on. This goes for both liberals and conservatives. I think both sides simply refuse to report on stories of the opposite candidates side or refuse to talk about how well the other one is doing.

News outlets should be required to report on any important or critical moments in an election and to report them as facts, completely omitting personal opinions or beliefs on the topic. I think a lot of this happens unintentionally and I am giving them the huge benefit of the doubt but there should still be people up top who oversee what stories are being talked about.

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