My cousins obviously have the best intentions when it comes to their business and website, but does the media when it comes to reporting stories?

We Will Never Know

Unless there is a full blown whistle blower telling everything about what goes on behind the scenes at media stations, I really don’t think we will ever know if the obvious bias we see in media outlets are totally intentional or if their opinions and views are naturally shaping their stories.

Personally, I think it is a little bit of both. It is almost impossible to talk about politics or certain stories without coming off as having some sort of preconceived bias or idea about said politics. I think that a lot of news anchors or big news outlets are in the business that they are in because of the passion that they feel for the subject. This is totally find and is something that you would hope to expect.


I think it would be completely naive to think that the guys way up top don’t have their wallets in mind when they are watching their stations report on news. I think that most news channels and media outlets have a certain demographic that they can almost always count on to watch their shows. Keeping this in mind, I am sure that the executives up top make sure that they keep their demographic watching no matter what, which can lead to certain bias in reporting stories and news.

I think I have been a little guilty of doing this here at Modern Media

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