Yesterday I talked about one of my favorite TV shoes in the world, South Park and talked a little bit about how people take advantage of their popularity to create fake news stories talking about them to get readers and get people riled up.

Well I was having dinner at my Aunt and Uncle’s house yesterday for a small family party and I don’t even know how but this story got brought up but it did and my cousins starting talking a little bit about their job and how this kind of stuff happens all the time. It kind of chimes in perfectly with that small roofing company I mentioned on here a few posts back.

 Little Background

My cousins, Walter and Dale, are identical twins and are both around 30 years old (I’m embarrassed that I don’t know their exact age; sorry guys if you’re reading this!). They own their own little business and basically do any kind of construction work on homes, but their main business is roofing and have a website for it at I immediately thought of that small roofing company I brought up a few posts back so naturally started asking questions about what went into getting their name out there and what kind of restrictions they had when making their website and their business.

So just to give you an idea of what they do, they said that they make the most money when they install metal roofing so obviously they try and market themselves the most for that but they also do repairs to asphalt shingles which they don’t make as much money from. Neither of them went to college and have always done some sort of construction job or blue collar work as long as I have known them.

They are the best guys ever and pretty awesome at what they do. I love that they have a chance to get their name out there thanks to the ease of access to media and other outlets out there today.

You Never Know

So you might be wondering why I am bringing this up. Well, I was really curious about what Walter and Dale had to do in order to get their website up and their company out in public. Guess what they had to go through…


Anything can be put up on the internet and if they wanted to, they could just add a million things on to their website to get people to go there. Remember the posts I had about Click Bait (I promise that isn’t click bait :))? Well any company really can put whatever they want on their site to get people to click which is kind of scary.

I’m sure it isn’t as common for businesses or whatever to make up stuff on their website, but it is still something to think about.

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