A lot Going on Today

Needless to say, we are living in pretty crazy time. This new election has turned into a god damn reality show and there seems to be nothing but fear mongering and political bias when it comes to any major and credible news networks. I don’t know what to believe anymore and I can’t take anything that NBC, Fox, or CBS seriously without taking into consideration their political stances. When I watch something like the presidential debate I immediately start surfing the major news channels to see their take on the whole thing and it is absolutely mind boggling.

Times Are Changing

The one thing I do like about today’s generation when it comes to media outlets is that we do have a lot more options when it comes to our sources other than major news networks. We have Facebook, Yahoo News, and plenty of other outlets that we can get much more credible and in my opinion, less bias sources for our news.

I honestly get the majority of my news sources from Yahoo News and then trail off various links to get to the source of most stories. I think the majority of major news outlets and companies just pick up stories that are going to grab attention and get people watching, instead of giving out legitimate information.

I worked for a school news paper when I was in college and even then the head of the department drilled in our heads that we need attention grabbers.

It’s been a while since I worked for this paper and I kind of miss it so I am going to try and give my 100% unbiased and non professional opinions on current news stories and various media outlets here on Modern Media Outlets so stick around!