The Worst

Going to be Biased Here

I am going to warn you right now that this post is going to be completely biased but I am telling you first so I am going to feel alright. The absolute biggest embarrassment to any media outlet today is Fox News.

Who can see this face without immediately being filled with rage and disgust? I am not saying that i think Fox News should be silenced or Bill O’Reilly shouldn’t be able to say whatever the hell he wants, but the fact that this man and this station have a very successful following is deeply disturbing.

They can have whatever opinions they want, but they are feeding their pathetic audience absolute lies. I can’t help but every once in a while hit up YouTube and see some of the Fox News fails and just embarrassing interviews that they have and Bill O’Reilly never fails to entertain and terrify me. What I mean is I just watched a full interview of him completely denying any kind of credibility behind global warming.

I’m sorry, but the debate is over. When 99% of all scientists agree that something is absolutely true and is something that we need to be concerned with, then it is safe to assume that this is true. Anyone who disagrees with this is an absolute lunatic and has no place in today’s society as they are just holding back the human race.

I got a little carried away there but this passion is what you’re going to get here at Modern Media :)