More Bait

After my post yesterday on click bait, I thought more about it and went to various social media websites to check out what I saw and it was very depressing.

They’re All Guilty

I think it is safe to say that Facebook is probably the most popular and most used social media outlet that there is today. Myspace was the first and the one that revolutionized and probably completely introduced social media and Facebook just came in and completely took over. I can’t think of anything before Myspace so don’t quote me on that but I think it had to have been. The internet hasn’t been out for that long has it?

There have been a number of other companies coming out of the woods after Facebook exploded and wanted their own little chunk of the enormous pie that had been introduced and unfortunately for sources of actual and credible media today, the line between legitimate and not got even more blurry.

Twitter is no different and I would have to say that it is probably the second largest social media out there today and I personally do not have an account with them so I was curious to check them out.

The majority of what I saw was exactly what I expected, more click bait. Everyone had some stupid little quote or saying that is supposed to rev you up and make you click on whatever link they posted. I don’t think this is morally right and I am afraid for younger generations who don’t go anywhere else for their news outlets. Modern Media is starting to sound like a cranky old man aren’t I?


Click Bait

 Anyone else notice a seemingly huge increase in the amount of “click bait” you are seeing on Facebook and all over the internet these days? Especially on any news stories you see with Donald Trump’s face attached to it. Well I sure as hell do and I think this is another way for modern media outlets and big companies to get their news across which I think is disgraceful.


Alright, so I am not going to go as far as saying that Facebook is an official outlet for news but unfortunately for a huge number of people of this generation it is the ONLY news outlet that they have or even bother to look at. I think this is especially dangerous because of the way Facebook is set up. There is obviously money is advertising when it comes to the majority of news stories you see that pop up on your feed and these companies are laying everything out and on the line in the hopes that you are going to click that link.

I think all media these days can be seen as a form of click baiting in that any way you look at it, people like to see crazy stuff on the news and regardless of how bias it may be it will get the ratings that the TV producers and executives drool over and demand.

I hope I am not guilty of any click baiting here at Modern Media :)